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2 Year Support (Covers Up To 2 Devices)

LCD and Laptop Windows

2 Year Support (Covers Up To 2 Devices)

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We offer two year worth of professional service for various types of non-hardware computer problems. Printer not working? Call us! Wifi issues on one of your devices? Call us! Did your computer become sluggish and slow after an update?

  • Scheduled Device Check-up every 3 months - 4 times a year
  • Software Installation Assistance - install any software (Google Chrome, Photoshop, etc )
  • Microsoft Office Assistance (Excel, Word, Powerpoint & Outlook)
  • Generic Computer Assistance - help with anything computer and not just malware and repairs
  • Full PC Optimization
  • PC Configuration & Driver Update
  • Windows 11 Installation
  • Additional Advice On how to keep computers running smoothly without viruses and malware
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